Tuik Security Group is an innovator and incubator of cybersecurity projects. Clients use our initiatives to mitigate evolving threats from next-level attacks. We drive continuous improvement with our projects by articulating real risk, organizing the data for uncomplicated remediation, and tracking our clients’ effectiveness with metrics. Attackers constantly evolve. Tuik does too.

Red Team Services

Tuik’s Red Team Services is a customizable suite of next-level penetration testing services for those companies who truly want to know if they are secure.  Our red team testing reaches far beyond the standard tool-based and tool centric methodologies by leveraging OSINT, Dark Web breach data via ProjectMariana, social engineering tactics, and deep expertise to professionally exploit vulnerabilities at the application and network layers.  Our more advanced clients augment infiltration testing services with Tuik’s unique exfiltration testing that stealthily extracts simulated data to assess the effectiveness of in-place data loss prevention systems and controls.

Dredge & Monitor The Dark Web

Tuik’s ProjectMariana platform searches, monitors, and indexes unrestricted Deep Web and Dark Web database leaks, actively collects privately and maliciously traded databases and reviews all publicly released databases for data relating to your company and employees. Our unique access to the data and service methodologies to operationalize the information allows cyber-security professionals and compliance teams to mitigate a very real threat vector and ever-evolving risk.

Security Awareness Training for the New Workforce

ProjectBifrost bridges the gap between corporate policy, training and awareness strategies, and actual employee behavior in the wild. Tuik’s methodology is different – the approach is unique, our pricing model is distinct, and the metrics we collect are customizable.  Social engineering attacks have evolved as have corporate cultures, the new workforce, and go to market strategies.  ProjectBifrost deftly incorporates convivial real-time education strategies with modern-tech attack vectors to help cybersecurity professionals mitigate risk.

Real Time Change and Vulnerability Detection

Environments are either constantly changing or stagnate. Which one is yours? Continuous changes can introduce unexpected consequences, like unintentionally opening services to the Internet. TuikIron monitors for changes in the environment and alerts you about each change THEN scans the entire environment for vulnerabilities. PLUS TuikIron Agents monitor systems with real-time vulnerability detection and a penetration testing option. TuikIron is a multithreaded real-time vulnerability detection service that scales to meet your information security program’s maturity level.

Coming Soon… 1Q2020

Imagine sophisticated malware loose on your network; advanced self-replicating, self-modifying, self-propagating malware combined with an intelligent agent continuously morphing to maximize its abilities with a singular focus of gaining full administrative access to your network. Scary.

Could you detect it? Stop it? How long before it compromised your network? What was the attack path?

Find out 1Q2020.